Welcome to GUTIC

Welcome to the Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club  (GUTIC).


Glasgow university chapel

Founded in 2009, GUTIC is one of the leading finance societies in Scotland. The society has developed considerably over the past couple of years. We have evolved from a simple trading club to an expansive society, broadening our vision to incorporate the financial services industry as a whole. While our society has a clear emphasis on the financial services industry we would like to highlight that we’re open to everyone from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Over the academic year, we host weekly events and post information on this website and our Facebook group. Our members are actively involved in writing articles, giving presentations, and running our investment portfolio. They also take part in our highly-demanded events such as the Banking Tour, Women in Finance Series, and Guest Speakers. Beyond these large events, GUTIC prides itself on welcoming absolutely everyone, offering a valuable experience regardless of knowledge and experience.

Some of our memorable past events include:

  • Anton Kreil’s Introduction to trading
  • Nick Leeson on Corporate Responsibility
  • Private event held by the Stockbroking division of Barclays Wealth
  • Tour of the offices and facilities of Morgan Stanley, Barclays Wealth, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte.
  • London Banking Tour
  • Angus Macpherson, CEO of ES Noble

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